Terms and Conditions

Minimum deposit for new customers is the set –up cost or 50% of the total. This payment is required to begin the order. We accept cash, PayPal, credit cards and direct deposit.
If a completed order is not paid for within 10 days, regardless if it’s been collected or not, additional charges will apply.

MINIMUMS- Minimum printing fees apply of $45.00 per order.
Orders take between 10-14 business days to be ready for collection or postage. Larger orders of more than 200 pieces may take longer.
If you have a dead line to meet let us know as staff taking annual leave or supply of garments can affect the turn around time.

From time to time suppliers can run short of stock or discontinue certain garments with giving any warning. We can always offer an alternative if do not wish to wait or the garments are no longer available.

We not design logos. It is recommended that you get your artwork designed or created by a professional graphic designer who will be able to provide you with the correct formats for all your advertising and printing needs. For embroidery we still need to digitise your designs to the correct format to suit our machines.
If we need to re-work your artwork because it is not in a high resolution format, fees may apply.

We expect our customers to do the necessary research before ordering with us. Our showroom has many of the garments available to view and try on. If the garment you are interested in is not in the show room we can order in a sample (for orders of 15 of more garments) once a deposit is paid.

In the event of an error on our behalf i.e. wrong colour garments supplied or we printed in red instead of green ink, we will gladly offer to re-print or discuss an arrangement to make our clients happy. However if you are very particular about where logos are to positioned, or need an exact shade of colour thread, then re require these instructions from you in writing.
Once your artwork is approved we will not be responsible for any mistakes found after production, and the order must be paid for in full.

Sometimes customers do change their order once it’s been placed and the garments are on the way to our factory. If this occurs we can return the stock (if it has not been printed for embroidered yet) but the cost of couriers and restocking fees will be passed onto the customer. The order may also take longer than normal to accommodate getting the new garments in.

Because of the nature of printing with inks and dyes, colour variations, between each batch and different types of fabric and different fabric colours may occur. The curing process and the temperature of the day can all affect the final outcome. However differences are usually not noticeable and we do our best to produce consistent high quality work.